Who is the strongest superhero?

Who is the strongest superhero?

One of the most popular questions regarding the universe of super characters created by Marvel or DC Comics is who is the strongest superhero?. In order to answer the question who is the strongest superhero one has to define the terms of definition for strength and realize that who the strongest superhero is is not necessarily who could defeat whom in a fight. The strongest superhero is the character that weilds the most power and strength. There is some degree measured to his or her vulnerability but most of the superheroes that would be considered the strongest are exempt from the fact that they could be defeated in a single blow or attack. So who is the strongest superhero?

Let us define the terms for strength. There can be physical, mental, or magic attacks cast by the superheroes, and because of the interaction and comparison of the power of these attacks, the superheroes must inevitably be classed into tiers.

Tier Zero

These superheroes are outside of the bounds of limits of strength, and are invariably so strong that any attack would not matter to them in the slightest. They are the most powerful characters and are not to be reckoned with by any other.

  • One-Above-All
  • who-is-the-strongest-superhero-one-above-all

  • Thor
  • who-is-the-strongest-superhero-thor


Tier One

These superheroes are extremely powerful and are capable of delivering blows or attacks of great power. Superheroes within this tear have defeated each other in different story arcs and any could be considered to be the answer to who is the strongest superhero.

  • Jean Grey, the Phoenix
  • Martian Manhunter, Founder of the Justice League
  • Dr. Manhattan, the Watchman
  • The Silver Surfer
  • Professor X, Founder of the X-Men
  • Black Bolt
  • Franklin Richards




Tier Two

These superheroes are also extremely powerful. Any of these champions could be the answer to who is the strongest superhero if there were not restrictions of their strength compared with a Tier One superhero. It is nearly not even to say that they could not defeat a Tier One superhero and in terms of strength have extraordinary amounts of power. In comparison to a Tier One superhero a Tier Two superior has a limit on their power. The strength of an attack cast by one of these superheroes is strong but limited.

  • The Hulk, by anger
  • Superman, by the Sun
  • Dr. Strange, by magic
  • Mr. Marvel, by power of the gods
  • Captain Atom, by reality manipulation
  • The Green Lantern, by imagination
  • Ant Man, by relativity
  • Blue Marvel





Tier Three

These superheroes are sort of honorable mentions. None of these champions could really be the answer to the question who is the strongest superhero. They are very powerful superheroes and are capable of delivering powerful blows or attacks. However they could never be the answer to who is the strongest superhero. Perhaps there should be more superheroes on this list.

  • Iron Man
  • Nova


The fact that a superhero is on Tier 3 or Tier 2 does not mean diminish from their effectiveness against a superhero of another tier. For all intents and purposes, all superheroes are still that: superheroes. Their power is always subject to their will and to their conscience, something very different from supervillains, which are not included in this list.

So after all of the classification of strengths and powers, who is the strongest superhero? According to our tier system, the strongest superhero is Thor. One-Above-All is comparable to the Marvel concept of God, and is not necessarily classed as a super hero despite being a powerful, omnipotent being. Thor is the Guardian of Asgard, wields the power of his hammer Mjölnir and that of the Tesseract. He has the power of magic, physical power unmatched by any mortal or immortal, and is the strongest superhero in the Marvel or DC Universe.


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